Get Immersive This Spring May 17 2018

There are so many opportunities for dressing up and experiencing a new world in the next few months and we are EXCITED!

Secret Cinema's production of Blade Runner is ongoing and our customer's feedback is that it is absolutely amazing. We are ensuring that we are fully stocked with all the essentials until the end of the run in July. Clear umbrellas, raincoats and goggles are proving the most popular!

Secret Cinema have also announced a summer production of Baz Luhrmann's classic interpretation of Romeo & Juliet. This one will be in a secret outdoor location in August. Costume requirements are still under wraps, however we are predicting Hawaiian shirts and angel wings to be popular!

One of our favourite TV shows is also getting the interactive treatment at an event named "Feasty Blinders"!
This pop up event promises "bottomless drinks on arrival, immersive entertainment and a feast to die for". The event runs on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings until 20th June, many dates are limited availability now so sign up quick! 

Once you have your tickets, why not visit Mad World to hire some appropriate attire?! You will definitely need to dress to impress for this event and we have plenty of options for both ladies and gents. Let's just hope it's not too immersive, we don't want blood stains to deal with!

What other films or TV programmes would you like to see turned into an immersive experience?