Secret Cinema Presents: Blade Runner March 16 2018 2 Comments

The most exciting film event of the year is back! Secret Cinema presents Blade Runner begins on 21st March and runs through until mid-July. 

As always with Secret Cinema, attendees are required to immerse themselves fully in the secret world they create - which means assuming a new identity, role and dress sense! Without revealing too much, rest assured we are fully stocked with items you may need for your adventure....we've heard all characters need a raincoat and/or clear umbrella. Both London branches of Mad World have a Blade Runner section in stores now with items to buy such as goggles, hats, glitter, masks, gloves, accessories and more - as well as the aforementioned and all important raincoats and transparent umbrellas!

We have heard amazing feedback from customers who have already been and seen some fab photos of everyone in their finest dystopian attire!

So make sure you visit us in store before your off-world adventure!