Staff picks: Movies for Halloween October 15 2015

One of my favourite things about Halloween is rewatching some classic scary films so I decided to compile a list of our staff's picks of Halloween or horror flicks.

First up - me (Jill)
This was a tough choice for me! In the end, nostalgia won and I have chosen Hocus Pocus

This film is perfect Halloween viewing for me. It's set at Halloween, it's fun and scary (Billy was terrifying!) and me, my sister and cousins used to watch it at every sleepover! 
Honourable mentions to The Craft and Scream.

Shane: The Lost Boys

80s classic with rock n roll soundtrack!

Eleni: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Halloween movie or is it a Christmas movie? Why not both!?

Fay: Hellraiser

I haven't seen Hellraiser, but Fay says she likes it because it has great effects (Pinhead) and it gives her the willies!

Harriet: Lair Of The White Worm

Another I haven't seen but this looks fun, camp and features a young 12th Doctor - Peter Capaldi!

Georgia: Zombieland

Funny, clever, well acted and features one of the best cameo appearances ever!

Soy: What We Do In The Shadows

Yet another I haven't seen but I love Flight Of The Conchords and Soy has been telling me to watch this one for months! It has just been added to Netflix UK so I will definitely be watching this weekend. The trailer is brilliantly funny!

As you can probably tell, we are a bunch of wimps here and have chosen mainly comedic/nostalgic movies! What are your favourite Halloween/supernatural films? Do you like to be scared or prefer a laugh?