A Quick Guide To......Liquid Latex October 06 2015

Liquid latex has fast become one of our best sellers at Halloween, coinciding with the rise in popularity of turning yourself into zombies!

Liquid latex is an easy starting point for beginners in special effects make up. It can be used to create wrinkles or aging make up, wounds, torn skin, bullet holes etc.  Did you ever used to put PVA glue on your hands and peel it off at school? Liquid latex is the same concept. You can build up the layers with thin sheets of tissue paper and then pick, peel or tear the latex and tissue, giving the effect of torn skin. You can get flesh coloured liquid latex but it's usually a bit pricier, so I would use the plain white stuff which is cheaper and readily available (including here at Mad World) and use face paints or normal foundation to blend into your real skin.

As with any cosmetic product, always do a patch test before you use the product fully. It's better do do that than have a reaction and get REAL infected looking skin!