Love is in the air...... February 12 2015

Can you believe we are almost halfway through February already? It feels like Christmas was just yesterday, but here we are with Valentine's Day fast approaching. Love it or loathe it, it's pretty hard to ignore it! It seems like every shop, bar and restaurant has been shot by Cupid's arrow. Tesco has a range of cards to suit even the tightest of budgets!

Are you tired of the usual busy, overpriced Valentine's dinner date? Looking for something a bit quirkier? Maybe something much more impressive to sweep that crush off their feet? We've picked out some of London's best Valentine's parties and clubs, so bin that reservation at Pizza Express and pull out all the stops!

Held in the Holborn branch of All Star Lanes, Shake Rattle & Bowl is a 50s/60s themed night of vintage rock n roll, swing dancing, boozy milkshakes and bowling. 
Our London team had a post Christmas night out here in January and we had a great time enjoying their cocktails and photobooth!

Don't forget, we have a huge selection of 50s/60s costumes for hire - if you really want to look the part!

If you really want to impress your date, the Candlelight Club could be the place for you. A 1920s speakeasy style vibe, completely lit by candles at a secret London location will surely set the romantic mood. Add champagne cocktails and a live jazz band and your date should be one to remember!

Again, we have tonnes of beautiful 1920s outfits to hire as well as our selection of accessories for sale if you just want a touch of Gatsby glam.

Are you looking for a night that's just that little bit raunchier? Maybe even a little risqué? A Curious Invitation's grand masked ball at The Coronet could be the place for you.

Embrace your decadent side with their hot tub cinema, feed your lover canapés at the feast of St Valentine or even get hitched at the Lost Vagueness Chapel of Love & Loathe! Perhaps you think 50 Shades of Grey is a bit tame? Visit the Lovers Vaults and celebrate the martyrdom of St Valentine with Mistress Ivy and Captain Crop.
Dress code: Divine decadence: Clothes optional, masks obligatory.
(We can certainly help you with that! We have a fresh delivery of Venetian masks in London stores now!)

If the idea of Valentine's day makes you sick, perhaps you think it's too commercialised or maybe you don't have that special someone to share the day with, don't worry! Check back tomorrow for our guide to alternative Valentine's day events!