Halloween gore make up lesson one - cuts September 13 2013

The nights are drawing in and we are looking forward to the spooky season. We have introduced a small range of Halloween items in-store for you well organised early birds. We have cosmetic contact lenses, horror make up, wounds, blood and prop decorations - with plenty more to come in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more details on Halloween stock. In the meantime, we have been practicing some make up techniques using Smiffys fake skin wax, blood and grease paints. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a cut wrist. WARNING: THIS IS A GRUESOME AND GORY LOOK. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!



STEP 1: Before -

Scoop a ball of Smiffys fake skin make up from the pot using a spoon or small plastic spatula and roll in your hands to create a soft, warm sausage shape. You can add a little moisturiser or vaseline if it becomes too sticky.



Spread the warm wax onto the skin using your fingers, spatula or the end of a spoon. Ensure there is a raised area to make a "cut" into and smooth the edges down with a touch of moisturiser.


Make a slice into the wax using a BLUNT instrument (end of spoon, spatula or VERY BLUNT KNIFE). Use a paintbrush to paint some red and black greasepaint into the cut to create depth. Use a sponge to stipple some red, brown and a SMALL amount of black or purple greasepaint around the wound to create the trauma around the wound.


Paint in some fake blood and let it drip from the wound slightly.



This technique can be used anywhere on the body or face to create slices, gashes and wounds. Ensure you do a skin patch test 24 hours before using any make up to avoid any reactions.