You remind me of the Babe..... March 25 2013

After 10 years near silence, David Bowie is well and truly back. With an unexpected brand new album at number one and a whole exhibition devoted to him at the Victoria and Albert Museum, everyone is talking about the Thin White Duke. This means it is the perfect time to visit the Prince Charles Cinema for their Labyrinth Masked Ball! Back by popular demand, this is the perfect event for Bowie lovers, children of the 80s and fans of masked balls alike. The night begins with a pre-show hosted by "David Bowie" (unfortunately not the  David Bowie, he's busy) featuring a fancy-dress parade with a prize for best dressed, the "Rules Of The Labyrinth" - who to cheer for, who to boo & who to wolf whistle (Jareth, obviously!), audience-wide singing along to Magic Dance  & everyone gets a goodie bag featuring a peach sweet, bubble blowers & party-popper to use during key moments in the film. Oh and masks are a must. But that's a given with an event name like that.

So come and see us for a beautiful mask, we have options for all budgets from £3 for a simple eyemask to our range of beautiful handmade Venetian masks starting from £21. You can view our range and order from our Venetian Mask website or pop into one of our stores. We can also provide costumes to help you win that Best Dressed prize! We have dressed many happy customers up as The Goblin King over the years - not to mention the countless other iconic David Bowie looks. Goblin King david bowie 7041Jareth the Goblin King Bowie 7064 Goblin  King 9009Aladdin Sane 7012 Goblin King david bowie costume 9010 Goblin King ziggy stardust 7011