Hot Tub Cinema comes to town February 28 2013

Just down the road from our Old Street branch, a wonderfully wet event has set up home for one week only. Hot Tub Cinema  is a unique event which combines delightfully warm hot tubs with favourite films on the big screen. Hot Tub Cinema have been popping up over London for a few years now, this week they are situated off Curtain Road, Shoreditch. This season of films is "All Time Classics" and they have chosen some absolute gems:

50s high school classic Grease

Vintage Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Tarantino masterpiece Pulp Fiction

Chick flick standard Dirty Dancing 

Childhood favourite Labyrinth (worth it for David Bowie's ahem....tight costume)

Quintessential teen movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Fancy-dress enthusiast-tubbers have often focussed on wearing elaborate headgear in the tubs - feel free to follow this example. We have lots of accessories that you can buy to create a fancy dress look, even when in your swimwear. For example, if you were attending the Top Gun screening - Aviator shades and dog tags are iconic. You could use wigs, hats, shades, make up to create a look. So why not experience beloved films in a completely new environment! Cloakrooms and changing rooms are available. Bar and refreshments on site.