Future Cinema does Casablanca January 29 2013

The creatives behind Future Cinema have announced their latest project. East London venue The Troxy will be transformed into the famous, exclusive and romantic nightclub "Rick's American Cafe" from all time classic movie Casablanca You will become one of the exclusive characters hiding out in Casablanca.  Future Cinema is a theatrical cinematic experience fusing film with music, art and performance.

Following the raid by Captain Renault over suspicious activity some weeks ago, Rick's nightclub will be reopening on Valentine's day.

Gather around Sam's Piano and join in the chorus of the Marseillaise, dance to Benoit Viellefon and his Orchestra, dine at the Blue Parrot Cafe with Food by Moro, search for the secret bars and discover the secret bands, explore the vivid and wild Casablanca and re-live the story as never before.

So come to us to get the Casablanca look!



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