The Festival Of Many Themes - Boomtown Fair August 08 2016

We continue our guide to the summer festivals this week with our guide to Boomtown.

Here are a few ideas to be festival fab and we'd love to hear what you're planning to wear and seeing your photos! Don't forget we are on
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Boomtown - 11th-14th August.
1. Spanish/Mexican
2. Chinatown
3. Pirates
4. Wild West
5. Robots/Future

PHEW! What a list. Unlike other festivals, the sprawling Boomtown has FIVE different distinct areas, each with a different theme! You can join in with all of the themes or stick to one or two, the choice is yours! So, let's tackle each one individually!

Think flamenco dancers, matadors & bulls, senors and senoritas, sombreros, tequila, chilli peppers, ponchos, banditos, lace fans & flowers in hair, Mexican wrestlers

Think beautiful silk traditional dresses, Bruce Lee, dragons, lucky cats, Chinese zodiac animals. the colour red 

Think Captain Hook, Johnny Depp, eye-patches, stripy t-shirts, bandanas, buried treasure, big beards, wenches, deck swabbers, frock coats, skull n crossbones, rum, swashbuckling

Wild West
Think saloon girls, stetsons, Clint Eastwood, ponchos, pistols, cowboys & cowgirls, Dolly Parton, gamblers

Think metallics, shiny things, Barbarella, dystopian, post apocalyptic, silver, time travel, sci-fi

Are you going to Boomtown? We'd love to hear what you are planning to wear in the comments box or share your photos on our socials next week!