Valentine's Schmalentines February 13 2015

Are you sick of being bombarded with images of love hearts, romantic dine in for two deals from budget supermarkets and adverts in the paper for bouquets of roses? If you're totally not on board with the idea of V-Day then let us guide you to some of London's coolest anti-Valentine's events.

Super cute cafe/bar Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross is hosting an anti-Valentine's night suitable for singletons and couples who think Valentines is naff. They promise "There will be no red heart shapes, roses… or terrible matchmaking devices!"

Offering a great range of cocktails and ales and two rooms of music and dancing, as well as free entry before 10pm, I think DSD is a great place to spend any Saturday night.

Are you looking for love (or maybe even just someone who shares a love of ping-pong)? Then Bounce in Farringdon is the place to be this Saturday as they throw a huge anti-Valentine's party in association with popular....ahem..."matchmaking" app Tinder. 


Entertainment on the night includes games and tournaments, designed to help you get to know your fellow partygoers, such as:
‘Swipe Right’ (Round the Table Tinder madness)
‘Cupid’s Day Off’ (mismatched guests will be chosen for doubles action)
'UV ping pong' throughout the whole venue
as well as dance competitions and Tinder inspired games tables.

If your dislike for Valentine's day extends to full blown hatred then the team behind delightfully downbeat clubnight Feeling Gloomy may have the night for you. Down With Dating at The Phoenix (one of my favourite venues in London) aims to bring people together over shared pet hates.

Time Out say: "Disgruntled singletons will be provided with a fake name on arrival and can then get to know other miserable singles during 'Speed Hating', by slagging off all the things they dislike – Jeremy Kyle, top-knots, cereal cafes, righteous reporters slagging off cereal cafes... Whatever gets your goat.  You can also play 'Blind Hate' (find a potential partner through questions like 'If I turned into a zombie which household implement would you use to finish me off?') and various other fun games that royally flip Valentine's Day the bird."